“Mars Attacks!” 50th Anniversary Trading Cards

If you were not aware, this year marks the 50th anniversary of  “Mars Attacks!”, a line of collectible trading cards that first got released back in 1962. Long before Tim Burton made “Mars Attacks!” popular with his film, it was a small line of scifi art cards. The cards proved popular with children but their explicit gore and implied sexual content caused an outcry, leading the company to halt production. They have been reissued before, including some cards that had been removed from the original release due to their “objectionable” content, but this release by Topps is for the 50th anniversary and includes some new art as well as the original.

If you complete the whole set, the art and text on the backs tell the story of the invasion from Mars, the war that takes place, and how Earth fights back.

I’m not a huge card collector, but I’ve got a soft spot for pulp scifi art and that 1950-60’s style of aliens and monsters. The art on most of these cards is from the original release, so it’s a treat to get to see some of this stuff again, and the cards are printed on old style cardboard stock which really gives them that retro feel. The only thing these packs are missing is a stick of bubble gum. The special insert 3D lenticular cards and random rare sketch cards are a nice touch as well for the 50th anniversary.

These cards are showing up in collectible stores and Target retailers now. I loved the art on the box so much I had to take it with me as well..